Paige Kracke


Paige Kracke is a content curation enthusiast, explorer of new technologies, and lifelong learner, currently serving as the Senior Manager of Curation at OpenSesame. She has over half a decade of experience creating training programs for enterprise-level organizations including Honda North America, McDonalds, Quest Diagnostics, and Caterpillar. In her current role, Paige leads the development of OpenSesame’s curation product and strategy, leveraging human expertise and machine learning to curate elearning content experiences for global audiences. She supports a team of curation experts who build learning paths that are aligned to a wide range of professional competency frameworks on a daily basis. In 2020, Paige was recognized as one of Learning's Thirty Under 30 for demonstrated leadership and innovation in the online learning space. Paige earned her Bachelor's Degree in economics from Tufts University.

Session #2

Thursday 25th Aug

Succeed in the Future of eLearning

Staying on top of any evolving field is the difference between success and failure. COVID-19 had an enormous impact on corporate learning and the development of new skills. With skills for jobs shifting constantly, employees need to be cross-training and reskilling constantly. What is the eLearning industry, why is it so popular, and what does the future hold? Learn how to give your business the boost it needs in the elearning industry.

Session #7

Thursday 25th Aug

Launch, Promote & Optimize Your Catalog

Once your courses are built and hosted, you need a plan for connecting them with your prospective audience. Meet the OpenSesame curators who are your bridge from launching to thriving in your elearning business.  With analytical reporting you'll be able to take the guesswork out of improving your business. Get advise so you can adjust, add, and, if necessary, overhaul your courses so that you can be successful. With content curators in your toolkit, you never feel alone and you will have the support system you need to achieve success.

Session #8

Thursday 25th Aug

Live eLearning Business Coaching + Roundtable Q&A

Our goal is to help you discover your own path and help move you forward in your pursuit of success in the elearning business. Nothing can set you up better to get results fast. Get ready to turn your camera on and bring your questions LIVE, because we have the answers.