Megan Ysassi


Megan Ysassi is a Curation Specialist at OpenSesame. With over six years as a Learning and Development professional, Megan knows that the success of any organization begins with the willingness to cultivate it’s people. Megan’s role as a curator is to support organizations around the world with their learning journey by creating relevant links between the learner and valuable knowledge across relevant disciplines. Megan’s belief is a charismatic approach to talent development and has the potential to create indestructible bonds between generations of workforce professionals and as a result, impact the communities we live in.

Session #1

Thursday 25th Aug

Welcome and Setting your Intentions

Welcome to the 2022 eLearning Business Summit hosted by OpenSesame. We’re going to set your intentions for the next 3-hours, where we will help you unlock the blueprint on how to become part of a business with low costs and high margins - the elearning industry.

Session #8

Thursday 25th Aug

Live eLearning Business Coaching + Roundtable Q&A

Our goal is to help you discover your own path and help move you forward in your pursuit of success in the elearning business. Nothing can set you up better to get results fast. Get ready to turn your camera on and bring your questions LIVE, because we have the answers.