Erienne Poole


Erienne Poole is the Administrative and Events Specialist at OpenSesame. She has built an incredible career as a strong Operational and Administrative leader that brings experience, personality, and determination into all work settings. She has experience and success with top Companies in the fitness and technology industry. Erienne infuses her business acumen with creativity which makes her efficient and easy to work with. Her proven track record is influenced by her excellence in using KPI's to influence and create successful outcomes within her communities.

Session #1

Thursday 25th Aug

Welcome and Setting your Intentions

Welcome to the 2022 eLearning Business Summit hosted by OpenSesame. We’re going to set your intentions for the next 3-hours, where we will help you unlock the blueprint on how to become part of a business with low costs and high margins - the elearning industry.

Session #4

Thursday 25th Aug

How to Ace your eLearning Business Audition

Will you be creating content yourself, or is it a team effort? Whether you're an individual subject expert looking to sell your own online courses or are looking to monetize an existing learning and development catalog of knowledge, make sure you know the top strategies to ace your eLearning Business Audition.

Session #6

Thursday 25th Aug

Get Your Catalog from the Red Carpet to the Stage

Once you have your courses developed, how do you get them ready for your audience? Learn the top elearning catalog management tips and tricks to get your catalog on the red carpet and ready for the stage.

Session #8

Thursday 25th Aug

Live eLearning Business Coaching + Roundtable Q&A

Our goal is to help you discover your own path and help move you forward in your pursuit of success in the elearning business. Nothing can set you up better to get results fast. Get ready to turn your camera on and bring your questions LIVE, because we have the answers.