Dr. Tammy Francis


Tammy Francis, Ph.D., the Catalyst and affectionately called Dr. Tammy, is the founder of Catalyst 4 Change Global, LLC and is the Executive Board Secretary and Public Relations Chair at the Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Tammy is a global business strategist, consultant, author, and speaker. As a strategist and consultant, she empowers and equips leaders, entrepreneurs, and business startups, particularly blockchain-based startups, all over the world with purpose-driven, creative business solutions to build, grow, and scale. Dr. Tammy helps purpose driven leaders move in the direction of more and prepare for what’s next by providing the tools and strategies needed to plan and live on purpose--clarify their vision, create an action plan, execute a strategy, and monetize their purpose using a purpose planning program and system she designed and created. Find out more at https://drtammyfrancis.com

Session #3

Thursday 25th Aug

Get Certified as a Minority-Owned Business (MBE)

Did you know that establishing your business as minority-owned can prove to be a crucial step for success? Learn why it is important to certify and how to certify your business as minority-owned to open up an abundance of business opportunities and networking relationships. OpenSesame supports diverse small businesses, and we would love to help you start and grow yours in the elearning industry.

Session #8

Thursday 25th Aug

Live eLearning Business Coaching + Roundtable Q&A

Our goal is to help you discover your own path and help move you forward in your pursuit of success in the elearning business. Nothing can set you up better to get results fast. Get ready to turn your camera on and bring your questions LIVE, because we have the answers.