Amanda Sessions


Amanda Sessions, Senior Curation Specialist, has been curating content for OpenSesame for 3.5 years and in the elearning industry for 8 years. Her expertise in compliance content has helped customers manage risk and create a culture of ethics. As a curator, she recommends content based on a customer’s unique needs and preferences, and also works with OpenSesame’s top compliance publishers to ensure we have their latest and greatest content.

Session #7

Thursday 25th Aug

Launch, Promote & Optimize Your Catalog

Once your courses are built and hosted, you need a plan for connecting them with your prospective audience. Meet the OpenSesame curators who are your bridge from launching to thriving in your elearning business.  With analytical reporting you'll be able to take the guesswork out of improving your business. Get advise so you can adjust, add, and, if necessary, overhaul your courses so that you can be successful. With content curators in your toolkit, you never feel alone and you will have the support system you need to achieve success.